Bold self-assurance of style or manner.


Wrong swag.

What I meant was:


Products given away free, typically for promotional purposes.

Ya know:

  • Hats
  • Bags
  • Pens
  • Mugs
  • Shirts
  • Stickers
  • Magnets
  • Calendars

That sorta thing.

Nothing new, right?

Businesses, big and small, have been handing it out, forever.

Hell, it's older than your momma's momma.

Yet, some of the most successful brands in the world still swear by it.

From Apple to Nike to Uber:

On down to mom-and-pop shops.

But who cares?

Well, you should:

  • It's a $24 billion dollar industry.
  • It's only getting bigger.
  • It leverages the law of reciprocity. 
  • It's got amazing "staying power."

For instance, check this out:

According to the Advertising Specialty Institute, the average piece of swag is held onto for about seven months.


How much would you have to spend in retargeting campaigns to get that many views?

And let's not forget, your prospects and clients are already purchasing swag.

So why not get in on the action?

Wet your beak a little?

Here's how.

There are three ways, actually.


You could use it to get your foot in the door.

As in:

"Not ready to invest in lead gen.?"

"Cool, how 'bout some branded swag?"

It's an easier, entry-level sale.

For example:

Every biz owner understands slapping their logo on a t-shirt...

And passing 'em out to their target audience. 

But not every biz owner is gonna buy into pay-per-lead or SEO right off the bat.

So this is a great way to collect some money...

Deliver a tangible product...

(i.e. 100 branded T's)

And build trust with them.

Then, ideally, they come back for more swag.

And, eventually, they say:

"You know what, screw it, tell me more about your lead generation service."


It's an easy upsell you could offer existing clients.

For example, you might say:

"I had an idea."

"You know all those new customers I've been sending ya?"

"What if I made you some branded hats you could give them?"

"That way, when they wear 'em around town, it's like free advertising."

"I can do it all, at an affordable price, if you're interested."

"Lemme know."


You could create an entire agency around this service.

So like, check this out.

I just Googled "promotional products" and here's what I noticed:

A, a crap-load of advertisers.

(And where there's advertisers, there's money to be made.)

And B, a Maps Pack:

So, is it just me...

Or could you optimize a local listing...

(Maybe even a website...)

(Plus or minus an AdWords coupon, while all that simmers...)

In a city of your choosing...

And have peeps... who wanna purchase swag... coming right to you?

All day... every day?

Just one problem.

Isn't there?

You don't know dick about swag.

Do ya?

Like, where to order it.

And how to upload logos, fonts, graphics, etc.

And, wait.

Where do ya get the products from?

Like the hats or pens or notebooks or whatever?

And how do you ensure it's high-quality?

And what about shipping?

Oh, and cost?

I mean...

You'd need to get everything for dirt cheap, in order to make anything...

(Without gouging your clients!)

Wouldn't you?

And, on second thought:

If any idiot can go and source their own swag, why do they need you?

Aren't you just a middleman driving up the price?


Forget I said anything.

I don't want ya spending the rest of the day crying on the couch.

I'm kidding.

That's the whole point of this letter.

I'm serious.

Say I found someone who does well over six figures doing what I just described.

And say they were willing to share all their swag secrets... with YOU...

In simple, snack-sized videos...

That take you from beginner... to winner... in no time.

Would you be interested?

If so, crack a cold one... 'n' cue the confetti cannon...

Cuz it's.  About.  To go.  Down.


Learn Swag!

The only online "swag school" in existence.

Where, upon enrolling, you'll discover:

1) How to setup your swag business.

2) How to build a swag site that looks high-end.

3) How to find premium products for pennies on the dollar.

4) How to find superior suppliers the general public doesn't know about.

5) How to price items fairly and still enjoy plump profits!

6) Creative ways to market your swag services.

7) How to get your first swag sale quickly, even if you're not a natural salesperson.

And everything in between!

And again:

No previous experience necessary.

Learn and earn at your own pace.

Make buyers come to you.

Use as a "tripwire" sale.

Or as an upsell.

Or, hell, create an entire agency around it.

Either way, swag's another income stream you can tap into, immediately, once you know how.

And, by the end of "Learn Swag," believe me, you'll have a PhD in promotional products.

In fact...

Here’s what Jacob had to say,

Previously a local farmer,

Working 80 hours + a week, barely making ends meet,

and now, in just 10 short months, broke $100k in sales with SWAG:


What's it gonna cost?


Here it is:


Or, if you need a pay plan:

$299 x 4.

That gets you all the core training.

Plus, you'll get all the cool bonuses we're currently working on.


  • Custom calculators
  • Software to help you scale
  • Copy-and-paste email swipes
  • How to get same-day deals using Thumbtack
  • And much, much more!

And remember:

You're being mentored by a solid six-figure swag earner.

Need proof?

Here's her P&L statement for 2018:

Not bad, huh?

And say you did 10 times WORSE than that.

That's still an extra $17k a year.

Which comes out to about $1,500 a month... in your pocket!

Pretty good considering it's second, third, fourth money for your overall business.

Oh, and did I mention, all of hers is from a few repeat buyers.


She's kinda lazy (LOL) and doesn't do much to attract new clients.

But what if YOU do?

What if you were #1 in Google Maps?

In a decent-sized city?

And what if you averaged a $500 order a day?

Her margins, above, were about 44%, right?

Well... even if you made some mistakes and only kept 30%...

$500/day x 30 days x .3 = $4,500 a month!

And who's to say you won't sell swag for the next 5, 10... 20 years?

I mean...

Why wouldn't you?

Ya know?

So all's I'm sayin' is...

For a one-time fee of $997...

Your return should be exponential, assuming you take action.

Will you?

"Yes, Ashley, I promise:

  • I'm ready to invest in myself.
  • I wanna learn this 6-figure skill.
  • You have my word: I'll do the work.
  • 'N' I can't wait to make my first swag sale!"

If all of that's true, I'd love to see you inside "Learn Swag."

But don't sleep on this.

As soon as we get more verified testimonials, we're upping the price.

Act now before the price goes up...

Before price goes up & bonuses go buh-bye!

*After you pay securely, check your email for immediate login access.

**I'm not sayin' selling swag will give you real swag, but I'm not sayin' it won't:

Not convinced? Hear is what some of our very own SWAG ballers had to say